Real Estate

We Partner With real estate special situations desk focuses
on real estate and real estate-related assets, including
advisory services for mezzanine debt, securitisation structuring,
Our main aim is to work closely with our clients and provide structures
which minimise recovery times whilst increasing recovery proceeds.

Digital Tokens

247-option owns two large area Mining Data Centers dedicated
to Bitcoin and altcoins mining. With our expertise we are able to reduce energy
consumption, while increasing the hashing power of Mining Rigs.
Our contracts for electricity are below average market prices.

Our Values

We brings expertise from a multitude of disciplines, utilising
a blend of development, investment and intensive asset management
expertise to create and execute asset and development management
strategies designed to deliver efficiencies or realise the latent value trapped
within their portfolios.
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Oil & Gas

Established in 2016, 247-option is a leading
Global Asset Management company Firm, We seek to reflect
the daily changes in percentage terms of the price of natural
gas delivered at the Henry Hub, Louisiana, as measured
by the daily
changes in the price of a specified futures contract.

  • What is 247-option ?

    247-Option is an investment management company. We are team of Exprienced experts who generate profits by buying and selling currencies, stocks, options and commodities on the foreign exchange market. We employ a variety of trading techniques with target to achieve the set goals for the client.

  • Does your company have an office?

    Yes We are Active on the Addresses on Contact us Page.

  • Can I Top Up My balance?

    Yes, you can Top Up your investments for better returns Overtime

  • is 247-option Registered and regulated

    Yes, we are registered and regulated by CISI check

  • What is the minimum and maximum For Managers To work For me?

    The minimum investment amount is only $300 and the maximum amount of investment is $900,000,000 (Amends by Board availaible).

  • How can I contact with you?

    We have a range of customer support outlets. You can reach us in the Contact Page or using the Live JivoChat system Below EveryPAge.

  • We have built the firm on strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. Our investments are driven by the extensive expertise of our trading teams and we adopt the highest standards of risk management and both fundamental and technical analysis.

    As a sovereign investor with an inventive mindset, we strategically invest worldwide in asset classes and sectors that deliver competitive advantages.

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    We are Team Of Professionals creating wealth through Enagagements In Real EState(buy.sell.lease), Mena Markets and Minning...



    Creating long-term value for our society means doing whatever we can to ensure the next generation can help shape what’s after next.



    We Above All Qualities Appreciate Meetings and Seminars where Our Investors and Partners Are Often Awarded, Employed Or meet



    • ROI 1.5% Daily
    • Refundable
    • Withdrawable Weekly
    • Expense Range:
      $300 - $3000
    • 1 Month
    • ROI 2% Daily
    • Refundable
    • Withdrawable Weekly
    • Expense Range:
      $3000 - $10000
    • 3 Month
    • ROI 2.5% Daily
    • Refundable
    • Withdrawable Weekly
    • Expense Range:
      [$10000 - $25000]
    • 6 Months


    • ROI 1.5% Daily
    • Refundable
    • Withdrawable Weekly
    • Range
      [$25000 - $50000]
    • Contract: 6 Month
    • Profit 4% Daily
    • Refundable
    • Withdrawable Weekly
    • Range
      [$50000 - $250000]
    • Contract: 1 Year
    • Profit 6% Daily
    • Refundable
    • Weekly Payout
    • Range
      [$250000 - $5000000]
    • Contract: 2 Years
    • ROI 100% 30days
    • Refundable
    • monthly Payout
    • Range
      [$120000 - 5000.000]
    • Contract: 3 Years

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    Jeffery Forshaw

    Founder and Chief investment officer



    Erica S. Short




    Bobby B. Grant

    Financial Officer


    Forshaw Housing | 247-option

    Zero Risk, Meaningful Returns, Steady Income.

    We are fully authorized with Limited liability partnerniship (LLP) regulated investment management company in the US/UK with our team of investment specialists focusing on providing you with the best No risk savings and investment products available in the world.

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